May 22, 2011

Welcome Summer- Let's Get Cooking...

Well, you know how sometimes life get's in the way of other plans? Like this blog for example. I wanted to update on time, I really did, but I had some personal matters to attend too that kept me from doing so. During my brief hiatus I have been cooking and baking away, taking plenty of pictures for you to enjoy. Now that it's summer, I will be able to update this blog more frequently.

Food to look forward to includes out-of-season classics like pumpkin pie --- matzah brei--- crispy panfried polenta --- and spicy pumpkin soup.

Because, why should the time of year control what you eat?

Okay, I'll have ice cream sandwiches for you too. Fine...

What's your favorite summer food that's out of season (or not)?

As always, feel free to comment or to email me directly at if you have any comments, questions or suggestions. Happy munching! - Liza.