July 4, 2011

Red, White and Blue- Ice Cream Sponge Cake Roll w/Blueberry Sauce

This July 4th, I was in a pie eating contest. A mini-pie eating contest where you had to finish a single pie. I lost. Little children beat me. Adults beat me. I ended up throwing the pie away, not finishing it even afterwards. But it was good fun and I got to try to eat out of a tin with my hands behind my back. I even managed to gleam a little pie-eating wisdom from the guy sitting next to me. The secret is to tip the pie out of the pan onto the picnic table. Then you can actually get to the entirety of the pie. I had only managed to eat the upper crust. Couldn't get into the filling, the dish was too shallow.

Beware mini-pie eating contestants. Next 4th of July, I'm coming for you.

To celebrate family and friends gathered together for a 4th BBQ. My mother set up the dining room with special paper plates and napkins. She is the queen of themes, so her table went as Red, White and Blue as possible-

Flag patterned napkins, red plates, and blue tablecloths. A white candle in a hurricane lamp as the centerpiece filled with blue marbles, sitting on a red base.

Being my responsibility to make dessert this year, I had to follow along.

The end result- a yellow sponge cake, filled with vanilla ice cream and chopped strawberries with a blueberry sauce drizzle on top. Yum.

Ice Cream Sponge Cake
(from the Joy of Cooking)
Sponge Cake

vanilla ice cream
1 cup (chopped) strawberries

Blueberry Sauce
(Cooking Light)

Make sponge cake to directions. Place the cake on a sheet of aluminum foil. Spread softened ice cream across cake, just enough to cover. Top with strawberries. Roll cake slowly and tightly. Cracking will lessen the more the roll progresses. Remove any excess filling. Move cake to the center of the foil. Wrap the aluminum around the roll to help the cake keep shape. Freeze.

To Serve:
Let soften 2-3 minutes. Cut individual slices and top with blueberry sauce.

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