February 28, 2011

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

If you've ever been on a college meal plan, you know the feeling of getting taken for a ride. So much money- so little edible food. You just want to get your money's worth, so you sneak things out of the dining hall. Maybe some cereal in a plastic cup, a sandwich wrapped in paper napkins or an entire pie---


Just me?

Kidding. I never stole a pie, but I did hear from a reliable source about someone who did.

The point is, you never feel satisfied and you know why? 'Cause there's no milk to go with the cereal, so you chuck it. The sandwich went stale in your pocket and now the inside of your coat pocket smells like PB and J or worse, and last but not least, did you really need to eat that entire pie in one sitting?

....Are you feeling okay? Do you need to sit down?

The point is that are some wonderful things you can liberate from the hands of your dining hall/food court, if you are so inclined, that I guarantee you won't end up tossing out the next day.

Like, I don't know, for example... you know those little plastic ketchup containers. About an inch wide, with a little plastic top? They've got a recycling sign on the bottom-

Yeah, like that!

Grab some and let's make some homemade chocolate peanut butter cups. You know you want to.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup(s)
Makes as many as you'd like.

chocolate (dark chocolate is best)
natural peanut butter
mini-plastic ketchup containers
aluminum foil(optional)

For each cup you'll need one mini-bar of chocolate and about 1 tablespoon of peanut butter. I think the perfect peanut butter to chocolate ratio is a personal thing, but I believe the more peanut butter the better!

Prepare your mold. Take out the ketchup container. If you find the plastic to be too flimsy to use as a mold, line the cup(s) with aluminum foil. Use one continuous strip, pressing center into cup, bending excess foil over edge. To avoid getting bits of aluminum stuck in the chocolate, smooth down sides.

Melt the chocolate. There are three easy ways to do this.

If using a microwave, place in a microwave proof bowl and zap ten seconds at a time. Stir the chocolate when it begins to melt. When the chocolate is completely melted, remove bowl.

If you have a stove melt small amounts of chocolate in pan, stirring constantly. Remove from heat immediately when melted to avoid burning.

For larger batches, use a double boiler. You can make one with two pans, one larger than the other. In the larger pan boil water. Place smaller pan over boiling water, allowing it to rest in the liquid. Melt chocolate in top pan, stirring constantly. Remove from heat when melted.

Pour about a centimeter's worth of chocolate into your prepared molds. Place a dollop of creamy peanut butter in the center of each, smoothing down slightly. Fill the rest of the mold with the melted chocolate.

Place the candy in the freezer, allowing it to harden. Take out a few minutes before you want to enjoy. Cups should come out of the plastic easily.

Be warned, these are addicting. The natural peanut makes a wonderfully nutty filling.

They melt in your hands and your mouth, so store either in freezer or fridge until your ready to eat.

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B.S. said...

I guess you can't say that they melt in your mouth and not in your hand. It's a little of both.